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All around us, technology is changing our everyday lives. Many people, however are not aware that technology is also impacting on dentistry in a new and exciting way. One breakthrough instrument, called CEREC 3D, is an accurate single visit inlay, onlay, partial and full crown tooth restoration system.



Digital Radiography

Radiographs (x-rays) allow us to see inside, under and between teeth so we can check that all is well in the areas we cannot see normally. Taking a radiograph with digital technology is fast, simple and effective. The advantages are that radiation levels are significantly lower than with conventional technique and images can be viewed almost instantly and analysed on a computer screen.



Isolite is another revolutionary dental device we have that is improving dentistry.

Isolite enables your dental team to work faster, in a brighter, drier environment. Not only will the procedure be more comfortable for you the patient, but we can then reduce procedure times by 20-50%, making the entire dental experience shorter.


Intra Oral Camera

Each of our four surgeries is equipped with a digital intra oral camera. These allow us to show you exactly what we can see in your mouth. These images help us to explain why some areas need to be looked after better, or why we are recommending that treatment is required. Remember, many dental problems don't hurt until it's too late so it helps if you can see what's going on before your own personal warning system kicks in!


Ceiling Mounted Video Screen

While we are confident that you will be comfortable during all our treatment visits, we do realise that you might wish for a little distraction or entertainment during treatment. In order to provide this, we have ceiling mounted entertainment screens in each surgery to allow you to watch one of our DVDs or you wish to bring in one of your personal favourites.