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Treatments > Dental Anxieties, Dental Fear & Dental Phobias

Are you the type of person who avoids having dental work done because you have a strong aversion to dental treatment? If so, you are not alone. Many people are put off going to the dentist and this is usually due to underlying fear or a previous bad experience, often as a child. This in turn leads to missed dental appointments, neglected teeth and toothache.

We at Cleary FitzGerald, understand how daunting and nerve wracking a trip to the dentist can be. We will take our time with you during your dental appointment and hope to allay your fears. We provide a calming atmosphere starting with a friendly welcome on the phone and at reception, relaxing waiting areas and dedicated dental team who want to put you at your ease. Within a short time you will build up a good relationship with your sympathetic dentist and can feel confident in any dental treatment you may require.

For the vast majority of our patients to date, our gentle calming manner has been sufficient to allow people to complete treatment without sedation and to become regular dental patients who enjoy excellent dental health.

For those patients that have a deep set anxiety in relation to dental treatment we offer oral dental sedation making dental treatment more acceptable.